HIBIKIYA PTE LTD, is a private entity established in Singapore. We celebrated our 10th Anniversary in 2019. We have our own studio to provide platforms  which enable us to reach out to  Singaporean society and introduce   rich Japanese cultural activities. These cultural activities include TAIKO(太鼓), Japanese Drums, Japanese traditional music ensembles as well as traditional dances such as SHISHIMAI(獅子舞)and Japanese Lion Dances.

We provide lessons to introduce various Japanese types of music and culture such as TAIKO(太鼓)- Japanese Drums, SHINOBUE(篠笛)- Japanese Bamboo flute and SHAMISEN(三味線)- Japanese 3-stringed-instrument. We have been involved in  a great variety of performances at many events such as SAKURA MATSURI @Gardens by the Bay, F-1 Singapore, JAS Summer Festival @National Stadium, Tapestry of Sacred Music @Esplanade, Chingay Parade and more.. Our repertoires are a vast range from traditional music and dances to contemporary music. We are the only group in Singapore which can provide many  unique performances such as SHISHIMAI(獅子舞)- Japanese Lion Dance in Singapore. 

Over the years, HIBIKIYA has mapped its network not only in Singapore but also in other countries such as Malaysia, India, Brunei, Qatar and Russia, as well as back in Japan, where the roots originated. 

Many professionals have been invited over to Singapore to perform, to conduct lectures and workshops as well as participate in collaborated performances. The professional fields include Taiko, bamboo flute, Japanese Lion and Traditional Local Dances such as IWASAK ONIKENBAI (岩崎鬼剣舞) and SANBON’YANAGI SANSA ODORI(三本柳さんさ踊り保存会). 

We hope to bring out the vibes of Japanese traditional arts through taiko, ensemble performances and dance. Please enjoy and immerse together with all your senses, hear the beat, feel the beat and groove with the beat!   

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