About Us

HIBIKIYA PTE LTD, is a private entity established in Singapore. It has its own studio to provide platforms and reaches out to the Singapore society with its rich Japanese cultural activities. Under HIBIKIYA, it manages its own group, TENKO, which performs Taiko and various mask dances including Shishimai/Japanese lion dance, Okame, Hyotokko, Berodashi, Owarai, Ichimonji, Kitsune, Miko, just to name a few.

In addition, HIBIKIYA has partners that collaborate or jointly perform for events with them. They are Buyo (Japanese Traditional Dance) and Minyo (Japanese Folk Dance), ikebana groups, origami groups as well as sado (Japanese Tea Ceremony).

Over the years, HIBIKIYA has mapped its network not only in Singapore but also in Malaysia and as far as back as to Japan, where its rootsoriginated. Many professionalshave been invited over to Singapore to perform, to conduct lectures and workshops as well as participate in TENKO collaborated performances. The professional fields include Taiko, bamboo flute, Japanese Lion and Traditional Local Dances.

HIBIKIYA also coordinates exchange programmes between Singapore and Japan. One of them is a Taiko group from Japan and they perform concerts at various venues as well as conducting home-stay programmes in Singapore. They have also in the past hosted a Chinese Drum Group from Singapore for a 2-way-exchange.

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